Tico Tico - Ricardo Castro - NEOJIBA

Ricardo Castro and Youth Orchestra of Bahia improvises on

Ricardo Castro - FEMUSC - RAVEL

Ricardo Castro plays and conduct Ravel piano concerto in G with Youth Orchestra of Bahia in 2014

Ricardo Castro - Simon Rattle - Beethoven 5 in Leeds

Ricardo Castro plays Beethoven piano concerto n. 5 with Simon Rattle in 1993

Ricardo Castro - Rachmaninov piano concerto 2 - DVD recording session

This is a preview of the recording sessions did in April 2013 at Teatro Castro Alves de Salvador. The Youth Orchestra of Bahia is conducted by Yuri Azevedo, a young maestro from NEOJIBA former percussionist of the orchestra.

Beethoven - Symphony 9 with YOBA - October 2012

NEOJIBAs 5th Anniversary Concert at Teatro Castro Alves - October 20th, 2012

Orquestra Petrobras Sinf˘nica - Brahms piano Concerto n░2

Concert realized at Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 - Conductor is Isaac Karabitchevsky and Orchestra Petrobras Sinfonica