The educational activity has always been part of Ricardo Castro's priorities, continuing the tradition of great musicians who are dedicated to teaching while developing intense activity as composers or performers.

Mission : To develop the society thru the practice and share of music in all its forms.
Vision : To achieve great result with young students, helping them to become complete musicians and developed human beings.
* Excellence
* Discipline
* Independence and autonomy
* Peer-to-peer, knowledge sharing
* Innovation and entrepreneurship
* Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinarity
* Open mind and research
Musical goals :
* Improve repertoire
* Distingue styles
* Develop different techniques
* Improve sound quality
* Conducting and Chamber Music capacities
Tools :
* New digital plataforms
* Self-made musical events and concert opportunities
* International network

Lessons in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German


Ricardo Castro was recently invited to collaborate at Fondazione Scuola de Música de Fiesole, famous music school where Maria Tipo or Carlo Maria Giulini taught in the past, to star a new pos graduate course dedicated to piano and direction from the keyboard.

Programme: The program will work on how to read and prepare an orchestral score, on the approach of modern conducting techniques and rehearsing strategies for chamber and symphony orchestras, and on how to choose specific conducting and soloist strategies for the piano repertoire with orchestra. No conducting skills are required. The best ones (up to 2 chosen) will have the opportunity to play with orchestra during the summer 2019. Students will also have the opportunity to rehearse with small groups at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.
More information at the following link:

Scuola de Musica de Fiesole

HEMU – Switzerland

Since 1992 Ricardo Castro is professor of piano at HEMU - Haute Ecole de Musique Vaud - Valais - Fribourg

Admission exam next September 7th, 2018 and April 1st, 2019
* Master of Arts in Music Performance
* Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance (Soloist)
* Bachelor of Arts in Music
Inscriptions for 2018/2019 accademic year untill August 20, 2018

More information at the following link: